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A pleasant afternoon

It was a miserable looking day outside today, but I was quite content with an afternoon of chillin’ on the couch, listening to the rugby on TV, seeking cooking inspiration and collecting recipes.
I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. I have bits of paper ripped out from magazines, my high school Home Economics recipe book, cookbooks, a lovely recipe book from a relative and scribbled recipes from Mum stuffed in the cupboard above the stove. Having them back under control with some sort of managing system is well overdue.
But life tends to run away, it’s hard to keep up at times.

I went to my favourite recipe website,, and from finding a couple of quiche recipes my browsing quickly expanded to collecting recipes I can make for morning teas…..then searching once again for a recipe management app. I’ve started organising recipes in Evernote on my iPad as I like the flexibility, but I’m open to checking out alternatives.

I may have sat on the couch all afternoon, but my productivity as a little homemaker has made it a pleasant one.

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  1. I use Pepperplate if I’m adding recipes to an online/computer file, but to be honest I find my old fashioned card file the best. I keep meaning to write a post about the card file – perhaps that’s today’s topic!

    1. Yeah Pepperplate seems to be suggested by most. I will check it out. For now I’m happy with using Evernote. I like the flexibility of tags but run the risk of forgetting my categories and keywords. Oh please do share your card file system!

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