Journal articles

Partridge, H., Given, L. M., Murphy, A., Howlett, A., & Abdi, E. S. (2024). Supported Australian LIS practitioners are confident LIS practitioner researchers: Insights from a national surveyJournal of the Australian Library and Information Association73(1), 27-54.

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Thorpe, C., & Howlett, A. (2021). Visualising the pandemic pivot: Using evidence-based practice to capture and communicate an academic library’s COVID-19 responseJournal of the Australian Library and Information Association70(3), 313-321.

Thorpe, C. and Howlett, A. (2020). Applied and Conceptual Approaches to Evidence-Based Practice in Research and Academic Libraries. LIBER Quarterly, 30(1), 1-17.

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Howlett, A., Partridge, H. and Belov, R. (2017). Universities and Public Libraries Supporting Student Success: An Exploratory Study. Journal of the Australian Library and Information Association, 66(2), 139-151.

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Howlett, A. & Howard, Z. (2015). Exploring the use of evidence in practice by Australian special librarians. Information Research, 20(1), paper 657.

Evidence Summaries

Howlett, A. (2020). First-Year Students’ Understanding of Research and Their Information Literacy Skills Change Over Time and in Four Different Ways. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 15(2), 174-176.

Howlett, A. (2019). Differences in Work/life Balance and Stress at Work Between Male and Female Academic Librarians. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 14(4), 188-190.

Howlett, A. (2019). Blind User Experiences of US Academic Libraries can be Improved by More Proactive Reference Service Delivery. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 14(2), 125-127.

Howlett, A. (2018). Medical Librarians may be Underutilised in EBM Training within Pediatric Resident Programs. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 13(4), 105-107.

Conference papers

Partridge, H, Given, L, Murphy, A and Howlett, A. 2022. “Documenting research experiences in the Australian library and information sector: A survey of pracitioners’ views.” Australian Library and Information Association National Conference (ALIA 2022): Diversity. Canberra, Australia 16 – 19 May 2022 Canberra, Australia.

Howlett, A. (2011). Connecting to the LIS online community: A new information professional developing a personal learning network. 5th New Librarians’ Symposium, Perth, WA. 16-18 September 2011. (presentation – Slideshare)

Howlett, A. (2011). An alternative flight path: An information professional in aviation. ALIA People Power Mini-Conference, Brisbane, QLD. 15 July 2011.

Articles in trade publications

Howlett, A. (2018). The Goldilocks Experiment. inCite, 39(7/8), 27.

Howlett, A. (2017). Focus without blinkers. inCite, 38(3/4), 30

ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee. (2016). Connect and converse with #auslibchat. inCite, 37(7/8), 29.

Howlett, A. (2016). Share your work! A call to action for early-career information professionals. inCite, 37(3/4), 24.

Howlett, A. (2011). Navigating a new flight path. inCite, 32(9), 22.

Howlett, A. (2011). Resumes under review. inCite, 32(8), 20.

Workshops and presentations

Choose your own adventure: standing out with evidence-based practice
7 November 2018, Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) Queensland Mini Conference, Brisbane Australia
This workshop explored how evidence-based practice can be incorporated into day-to-day library practice by applying the EBLIP process to real-life scenarios. Over 90% of participants felt the workshop helped to improve their confidence in applying the EBLIP process. Workshop materials are available under Creative Commons license.

‘It’s what we do here’: embedding evidence-based practice at USQ Library
2 August 2018, Asia-Pacific Library and Information Conference, Gold Coast Australia
This presentation (and paper) drew upon recent research and the broader, existing understanding of evidence-based library and information practice to tell the story of how evidence-based practice is being embedded at USQ Library and the influence and impact the newly created role of Coordinator (Evidence Based Practice) has had so far on how the library understands its business and the evidence needed to support its programs and services.

Home Grown: Engaging new LIS professionals to advance the profession
5 July 2017, CILIP Conference, Manchester UK
This presentation highlighted the importance of engaging new LIS professionals in conversation to continue building our body of professional knowledge, as well as identify potential issues associated with new LIS professional involvement.

Untangling the professional development plan
23 July 2014, TAFE Library, Brisbane
Initially presented to the Queensland TAFE Library team, this presentation shared my tips and lessons about developing a personal professional development plan.

Australian special librarians using evidence in daily practice
18 June 2013, Research Applications in Information and Library Studies (RAILS) Seminar, Melbourne
This presentation shared preliminary findings from a research study that sought to identify types of evidence that are used (or not used) by Australian special librarians in daily professional practice. It also explored environmental factors and influences associated with using evidence in daily practice.

Building and managing your professional identity
9 February 2013, 6th New Librarians’ Symposium, Brisbane
Participants explored the concept of ‘professional identity’, as well as drivers for being actively involved in the professional community online. We also fine tuned our use of professional networking tools, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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