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#blogjune Day 27 – whoopsie daisy

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Seems like my days are running away from me. Last week flew by and I haven’t posted for #blogjune in six days. Whoopsie daisy.

In my defence, here’s how last week went down….

Wednesday 22 June
  • QUT project role – 8.30am to 4pm – catch ups, meetings, providing project updates, reviewing progress, identifying next steps.
  • ordered bridesmaids earrings
  • discovered I now have a full shuttle bus for the wedding – noted guest names for bus company.
  • jotted down a few blog post ideas
  • planned remaining wedding stationery requirements, such as how much more card I need to order for instagram signs, order of service, place cards and menus.
  • attended a barre class
  • watched State of Origin (in gym gear) at local brewery
  • asked fiance if he’d looked over guest favour ideas
Thursday 23 June
  • QUT project role – 8am to 4pm – meeting with supervisor, catching up on content development and storyboarding (basically, learning design work) and creating templates for content allocations to team, managed to catch last half hour of a staff leaving afternoon tea.
  • cancelled wedding dance because fiance was feeling unwell
  • walked from uni campus to fiance’s workplace (about 3km) as I needed the walk to clear my head
  • reviewed orders for wedding florist and stylist over dinner (we’re hiring a bunch of furniture and decor stuff and paying someone to come set up and pack down for us – one of our best wedding planning decisions.)
  • emailed confirmed orders and adjustments
  • asked fiance if he’d looked over guest favour ideas
Friday 24 June
  • housework and prepared guest room
  • picked up friend from airport who flew down from Mackay for my hens weekend
  • house tour, catch up on the back deck
  • pub lunch near wedding dress place
  • dress fitting and dress ‘do up’ tutorial; bridesmaid dress alterations
  • West End for beers, more catching up (we don’t see each other often!) and waiting for fiance to finish work
  • early dinner and bed (we are such Grandmas)
  • asked fiance if he’d looked over guest favour ideas
Saturday 25 June and Sunday 26 June
  • received orders for what to pack for hens
  • received orders for departure time and meeting place
  • picked up by sister in law and husband
  • hens day, evening and night time activities – all fabulous!
  • came home to discover fiance had done more washing, put together my side table for the printer and removed the remaining paint tape from my room
  • recovery
Monday 27 June

So far…

  • weekly review – where the heck am I at?!
  • email tidy
  • emailed a venue to book Sunday brunch after the wedding
  • emailed fiance significant wedding songs to send to the band and create ‘in between sets’ playlists
  • emailed photographer for album quotes and see if she’d be okay with a QUT film and TV student doing a video for his portfolio
  • ordered a custom photo (Mum) wedding bouquet charm

Planned for the arvo…

  • some research work
  • train it to a barre class at West End
  • cook dinner
  • see what else I can knock over after dinner


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  1. So has your fiance looked over guest favour ideas yet? Noticed that was listed on Wed/Thur/Fri 🙂

    Sounds like you’re almost there 🙂

    1. Not yet. Apparently can’t rush these things. 😉 I’m hoping in next couple of days as we really need to place orders.

  2. A busy busy week with plenty of social stuff to mix it up a bit – counting down!

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