My first made-up meme for #blogjune

It’s near the end of the 4th day of #blogjune and I almost forgot to post. I’ve found #blogjune is a time when we can learn more about those in our personal learning network. And I don’t just mean professionally. Letting others know we’re human, particularly in the virtual, online ‘world’ is while sometimes a little daunting for some, is a way we can connect and further build our relationships.

I’d like to share a bit about myself by the way of a meme. Here’s a random one I’m making up as I go along. Feel free to copy/join in as you wish.

Some firsts….
First signature perfume: Chance by Chanel.
First nice piece of jewellery I bought for myself: A gold, diamond horse shoe necklace.
First car: 1999 Ford Festiva, purple. I called it the ‘Purple people eater’.
CD I played over and over in my first car: X & Y album, Coldplay.
First job: Gymnastics coach and judge
First job in library land: Technican Librarian for a regional airline.
First time overseas: New Zealand. I was 13 and competed gymnastics in Auckland.

Some people may not know….
I like reading New Scientist.
I have an interest in cosmology (see above).
I have a cat named Versace.
I’ve driven around Ireland by myself – Dublin, Newgrange, Downpatrick, Bushmills, Enniskillen, Galway, Cork and Kilkenny were my stops.
I write a few sentences in a journal everyday.
I hated English in senior high school.

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