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The key to getting things done

Many will find I’m a huge fan of David Allen and his “Getting things done” (GTD) methodology. It works, the principles adaptable to any format or device. Well, I also follow David Allen on Twitter for the pint-sized pieces of wisdom he tweets every so often. I found this gem tucked away among my notes in Evernote tonight.
“Keys to getting things done: know what “done” means and what “doing” looks like.”

Simple, isn’t it? By knowing what “done” means, it becomes instantly clearer when to stop tinkering and move onto the next task. The “doing” part, as I understand it, is the smaller steps required to complete something. Upon finishing a small step, you then ask, what’s the next step? “Doing” may also mean to minus all the other stuff you do while you complete steps, such as surfing the web, updating a Facebook status and checking Twitter. These distractions are not “doing”, even of you are completing steps alongside these distractions.

What do we think? Are these the keys to getting things done?

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