Evidence-based practice is my jam.

I am a library and higher education professional who applies collaborative, human-centred and evidence-based practice approaches to drive and inform service design, delivery and continuous improvement. 

My library, information management and research experience spanning across sectors and over 10 years position me to understand problems and questions about professional practice, lead and enable innovative service delivery. I prompt rethinking and transformation of the ways in which library services create a positive impact on the student learning experience and tells a compelling story of the library’s role in achieving institutional goals.

Since April 2021, I have worked as the Research Support Librarian at the University of the Sunshine Coast. I lead the library forward in this space to meet the university’s growing research capacity. I work collaboratively with other university research support partners to develop a sustainable, client-centred service model and research training program. I am loving finally being in the research support area in the university sector (I geek out over all the amazing research the university does). I am also passionate about student experience, researcher development and enabling the pursuit of creating better (or different) lives, environments and communities through knowledge generation and higher education. I very much appreciate the advice and guidance my professional network has given me so far. 

Prior to this role, I was Coordinator, Evidence Based Practice at the University of Southern Queensland, where I worked with individuals and teams across the library to develop tools and capability in evidence-based practice, from identifying and coordinating the gathering evidence to application and communication with stakeholders, in order to make better decisions about service delivery and enhancing student learning experiences.

Over the years I have contributed to the library and information professional community, most recently as chairperson for Australian Library and Information Association’s (ALIA) New Generation Advisory Committee. My contribution and achievements as an early career library and information professional has been recognised by my peers, receiving the ALIA Metcalfe Award in 2017.

I possess a Bachelor of Business (Marketing and Public Relations) from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), received my Master of Information Technology (Library and Information Science) in 2013 and the ALIA ‘Distinguished Certified Professional’ status in 2021. 

Disclaimer: All views and opinions discussed in this blog are personal and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer, industry or any other organisation to which I am associated.

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