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Committing to the ‘other’ side of #blogjune

I write every day in my diary. I reflect often. And on days when I try to find something on the bottom of my handbag, I find a scrap a paper with a blog post idea scribbled on it. The purpose of #blogjune for me is now more about connecting and re-connecting, than the habit of writing. So this year, instead of attempting to publish a post every day this month, I will be committing to the ‘other’ side of #blogjune. The engagement side.

I contemplated participating in a ‘post every day’ capacity, but I’m learning to pause and consider the workload and commitments I have on my plate before adding something else. I have to be realistic about what I can achieve. Like many of us, I work full time. I also teach and have marking to do. I have another blog called Notebook + Tea. I’m unpacking and settling into a new home. I’m re-arranging my finances. I have ongoing executor duties for my late mother’s estate. I’m preparing to have surgery at the beginning of next month. I have research assistant work to progress. I couldn’t place the extra expectation of #blogjune on myself. I’m hard enough on myself as it is.

What I’ve found over the years I’ve participated in #blogjune is that my focus tends to be on publishing the next blog post, leaving me barely enough time (and energy) left over to really engage – read, comment and contribute to conversation on Twitter sparked by #blogjune posts, thoughts and ideas of the LIS community. This part of #blogjune is what I fell in love with in the beginning. Along the way, I fear I sort of forgot what #blogjune meant, both to the community and myself. I love being a part of this community. I love learning from you. I have enjoyed reading what you have all been up to this past year and what you’re thinking about these first couple of days of the challenge.

You’ll see a guest post or two from me on the NLS7 blog, but for the most part, my participation and commitment to #blogjune this year is to comment on at least one post every day this month. I want to let you know I’m around, I care and am interested in what you have to say. I appreciate your thoughts. And I’ll offer mine.

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