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Coulda, woulda, shoulda

I wouldn’t normally discuss my life outside of professional things here, but right now I have my cranky pants on. This post is partly inspired by carolbycomputerlight’s cranky pants #blogjune post, which made me feel comfortable enough to reveal my cranky pants episode.

Where did this day go? I can’t seem to get past what I’m feeling right now, so I’ll just write about it, get it out of my system and move on with the next task.

Today was meant to be “research project day”. And I’ve spent only four hours on my RAILS presentation, never mind my draft report. I’m really peeved. I was looking forward to today for at least a month. A whole day to get stuff done and not on a weekend day. Nope, you really can’t plan for things like…..

….a recall on your partner’s car.

A few days ago I received a call from Mazda, mostly because either my partner is always in meetings, not at his desk or doesn’t feel his phone buzzing in his pocket, and my phone number is the second contact.

“I’m calling about your CX-5.”

“You mean <partner’s name>.”

“Yes, we need it in ASAP for an outstanding recall.”

…..ummm okay. This followed immediately with me offering to take it in because it’s the only chance we’ll have in the next few weeks or so. My thoughts were to just get it over with.

Initially I was going to sit at Mazda and work. This, as it turns out, would’ve been the sensible option. I could’ve demanded a powerpoint, internet and endless cups of tea. As I was doing my partner a favour, he felt bad that I couldn’t go anywhere if I needed to and offered to chip in. So we took both cars to the dealership, I took him to work. Back home. (1 hour and 20 mins) I went out to see my Mum at her work which was really lovely (this was planned). At home for four hours. Then back to pick partner up from work, back to the dealership, then drive back home (1 hour and 30 mins).

There is the three hours I needed to complete a reasonable day’s work. But I didn’t get it. I had also planned to do a little research on Melbourne and see what potential travel blog posts I could write while I’m there. You know, my hobby I’ve neglected all year. I love travelling and want to make the most of my time in Melbourne this weekend.

I should’ve stayed at the dealership.

Now I’m not packed. I’m stressed yet again. And the day’s gone. Things. I. do.¬†One of my worst habits is time travelling. I have a tendency to think back and try to undo the decisions I have made, wishing I had made the right one so I can feel better. But this only makes me feel worse. I over analyse. I can’t change what happened today. So I’m behind again. I need to move on and do what I can (even though I had looked forward to chilling out tonight).

I’ll feel better once I’m at least half packed. I’ll go back to my work later on tonight to see if I can do anymore processing / thinking through / writing up of my research findings.

Far. Out.

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