On randomness…and perspective

I’m thinking of so many things at once right now, it’s been quite a task to keep slowing my brain down so I can think clearly this week.

I’m hoping to finish my assessment up this week for the university semester. I can only imagine what is waiting for me afterwards.

I have a physical in-tray at home needing to be sorted.

I have files of action items, admin type-life stuff, as well as papers to be filed away or scanned.

I have evidence of my working on the last piece of assessment both to my left and right of my computer.

I can’t help but think I’ve come across yet another research project idea – information literacy and knowledge management in corporate settings. Literature reviews are dangerous, aren’t they?

I know I need to review my year planner. An outdated version stares at me from my vision board on the wall.

I can’t wait to get back into rock climbing.


Three wooden ‘word’ pieces are stuck on my vision board – explore, laugh and peace. During these times of randomness, I tend to look to these carefully selected words for guidance and pull my thoughts back into perspective. These words remind me to 1) keep exploring – I’m not going to be awesome at everything, all at once even, but I can always have a curious mind. Life would be boring if we all had it figured out. 2) laugh, to always have a smile and have some extent of light-heartedness, and 3) have peace with myself and others.

So with that, I hope these words may also be some inspiration or reminders about why we’re here in the first place. The random thoughts, more like worries (except for the research one), are just that and they’re just stuff. I’ll get there.

Good night all.

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