The challenge that is #blogjune

A bit of planning with a cuppa
A bit of planning with a cuppa

You just can’t count on things to go according to plan. But that doesn’t negate the need to have one, at least in the form of a rough draft, in almost every area of our lives. #blogjune this year is no exception.

This will be my second time participating in this challenge. I missed it last year as I tried really hard to focus on achieving some sort of balance in my life. This year I think I’m better equipped, emotionally and mentally, to cope. I’m not saying this challenge is overly onerous. No, there were just some things I needed to deal with, and still am – high expectations. I grapple with this all the time. I wouldn’t say I’m a perfectionist, though many probably would. I’m close to it. And perhaps I was one, once upon a time. I think I may be forgiven though. You can’t go through years of competitive gymnastics without developing some perfectionist tendencies. Where the difference between first and second place at a national championships is often less than a minor wobble on the beam, can you blame me? Really?

The last time I participated in #blogjune, I had grand plans. This year, the last few days I’ve had a small notebook beside me where I’ve written a few words when an idea for a blog post came to my mind. I’ve collated those ideas into some themes and I’ve somehow wound up with a month planner with a blog post idea for each day. Have I learnt anything?

The difference this year is that I’ve lowered my expectations for earth-shattering, article type, 500 words long blog posts every day. I have a ‘rough draft’ and a bank of ideas to draw from. I’m going to allow myself to deviate from my plan if something pops into mind on the day that I just have to get out. That’s okay. My plan is really a back up plan, a sketch of the kinds of things I’d like to cover, but not necessarily need to for this challenge. The worst thing that could happen is that I have a lot of ideas to go on with after #blogjune is done. Cool!

#blogjune can be random. I like that. Randomness is part of my charm. 🙂

I’m looking forward to participating in this challenge and contributing to strengthening our sense of community across the profession. #blogjune is about getting to know one another too. And that’s the beauty of its randomness.

You might find I will post to my much neglected travel blog, which I haven’t attended to since late last year. I’d really like to revamp my efforts here. Not because I hadn’t wanted to, but #blogjune is simply a great excuse to have to write about one of my loves – travel. So when I do, I’ll be sure to create a little blog post here, pointing you to it.

Part of the reason why I signed up for #blogjune this year is because I have a jam packed month and I’d like to share this journey. I’ll have a lot of material to draw upon. I’ll be wrapping up my research project with analysis and reporting, I’m travelling to Melbourne to present at RAILS (Research Applications in Information and Library Science), and I’ll take the opportunity to look at how I’m going with goals and my focus areas for the year.

I’d like to wish everyone all the best for this challenge. It is a challenge. But there’s support. We’re all here. If you miss a day, don’t stress (and I’ll try not to as well).

Many thanks to @flexnib for coordinating this year.

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