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For today’s #blogjune post I had plans to write something meaningful, something compelling and with more purpose than what I’m about to write. Instead, all I can think about is work and my day. I’ve only just arrived home, so I guess I haven’t had a chance to wind down yet. But I do have another writing piece to complete tonight…..I shall reflect on my day.

Over the last week I’ve arrived home later than usual. I don’t have to rush home to complete study, now it’s the mid-year break. I’m taking my time throughout my days at work, allowing myself to go out for lunch, stay a little longer to finish tasks and to catch up with my supervisor or colleagues. I haven’t minded at all, actually as I enjoy my job and the place I work.

Today I started training an addition to the engineering technical library. I haven’t trained someone in about three years, so I’m a little rusty with instructions, explaining processes and perhaps minus some much needed patience. Training is exhausting! I’m always thirsty because I’m talking all the time and I have a person constantly ‘hanging’ off me, awaiting the next task or process to be shown. My project work has been shot for another week. I’m only three weeks behind my project schedule (sarcasm). Actually those three weeks worth of project work is crucial to the entire project, so I’m a bit disappointed I don’t have a chance to work on it probably for the next two weeks. I find I need to keep reminding myself that with this person trained up in the ‘everyday’ processes of the library, I can return to paying full attention to my project work and continuous improvement. I’m lucky I already know the new addition. We’re able to have a chat and laugh every so often to break it up.

I went through the two biggest and most important processes for the technical library – incoming and outgoing technical documentation. I wanted to explain these processes in their simplest form, get the basics down pat. I had planned to provide more background information about the role of the central, document control system, but I didn’t get very far before I was side-tracked. Perhaps I should have this person processing and worry about knowledge later. Though I still maintain that it is important to understand the role of each process and the purpose of the system as they contribute to the ‘big picture’.

Lunch went for two hours today. Two hours! I haven’t had that long a lunch since my PR days. The Airbus rep who resides in the hangar took a group of us out. From the team I work with, there was Miss Sheep, The Boss, Maverick and Miss Gravy&Chips. Not so great food, but great company. It appeared the group wasn’t too anxious to return to the office. Hey, that’s just how we roll. 😉 But I think this also had something to do with “The Boss” being in attendance. Next time we’ll need to go out for dinner so we can have a drink or two.

Okay, I think I’ve written out my thoughts on the day. A fabulous process for winding down, I’ll say. I could probably move on to my next writing piece now….

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