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The inner homemaker

I have too much time to think right now. I seem to have awaken from a trance-like state, some sort of tunnel vision I tend to experience during the university semester, the end goal being to just get through it. I now have sudden urges to get my life back on track, in order, or to make it better somehow. Crazy huh? I thought so at first.  I thought I was the only one.

I spoke with a colleague at work today to whom I revealed I have too much time to think now that the semester is finished. A few weekends ago I blasted my Mozart from the living room as I de-cluttered sections of my home. Last weekend I browsed and started to organise my recipe collection. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve felt a sudden urge to re-think finances and look at properties I know I can’t afford right now, but wouldn’t it be nice? My colleague’s partner who is also studying a post-graduate degree is experiencing similar symptoms. Suddenly the house looks untidy, there’s impulses to straighten things. Small items out of place appear like a pig’s sty.

During the university semester things, or life rather, seems to pass by. It shouldn’t be like that but it is. Everything except study switches to autopilot. My budget ticks over (or falls apart), dinner menus are the same week in, week out, and regular cleaning of my car falls by the way side but I don’t eat in it to make it last between clean outs. So what if the washing isn’t put away straight after its pulled from the line? Some days it seems as long as I can find clean clothes by rummaging through the washing basket, I’m good to go. I’m fine.

I’m going to take this opportunity to bring out my inner homemaker and spend my energies on doing things I don’t get round to during university semesters. This includes perfecting quiche or muffin recipes, de-cluttering each room and getting together a financial plan.

There is of course, other projects I’m continuing with during the break but I’m happy and excited about the extra time for you know, life stuff.

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