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It’s Friday night. I really need to chill. So I’m going to share my recent top 5 reads I’ve ‘starred’ in my google reader. I’ll admit they’re random. I guess you can’t say I don’t read widely. 😉
Apart from the home loan calculator and dream position descriptions, here are some top reads…

1. How to unstress and truly enjoy your vacation (The Positivity Blog) – hmmm, perhaps I’m looking for tips for the next time I go on holiday? Turns out I actually do a lot of these tips, but it’s difficult to stop the brain from ticking over.

2. Your career is a jungle gym, not a ladder (The Bamboo Project) – this article resonates with how I feel about my own career. I believe I can’t really aspire to have a particular job title or position description when it may not exist in 10 years time. Instead I seek meaningful engagement with my work and develop skills & knowledge I’m interested in as well as build core skills.

3. Occupy the Neolithic: Social Immobility in the Stone Age (Wired Science) – interesting look at movement between social classes in the Neolithic age.

4. 3 Photos I Took Just Seconds After Getting Out of Bed (Everything Everywhere) – a ‘must follow’ travel blog. These photos are simply stunning and serve as a reminder to seize the moment. Who cares you’re half awake, see the shot and take the damn photo!

5. Is now the time for librarians? (Digitisation 101) – a ‘must read’ for any new info pro.

Enjoy! Have a fabulous weekend!

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