A Source of Inspiration

Do you have a ‘thinking spot’? A place where you can be with your own thoughts? Somewhere you can just be you – no judgement, no expectations, no agendas? Totally alone.

The photo in the header is my ‘thinking spot’. Expensive to reach (from Australia) and one I experienced for only an hour. It’s Giant’s Causeway (Northern Ireland) right on sunset.

Two years ago I had done some soul searching and decided to make my adventure in Ireland a personal challenge, to drive around the country by myself. My trip to Ireland was highly anticipated and meant an incredible amount to me.

After battling Friday afternoon traffic out of Belfast and getting lost finding my B&B, I finally made it to the famous landmark. I found all tourists had gone. It was just me and a professional photographer. You couldn’t have wiped the smile off my face. The thought which kept repeating in my mind was ‘I made it. I did it.’ I sat and watched the sun go down. It was so beautiful. It was surreal. It was majestic.

Giant’s Causeway is my ‘thinking spot’. A place where my mind may be freed of clutter, allowed to wander and to reconcile. This photo in the header serves as a reminder to always be true and honest to my thoughts, my ideas and opinions. The time I spent in my ‘thinking spot’, my memory of the feeling I felt while sitting there watching the sun go down, continues to be my inspiration.

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