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Tag: travel


Inspiration and reminders. These are our own making. They are a choice. I have a vision board in my study room. It sits on the wall, above and to the right of my desk. I’ve written about my vision board previously, but perhaps #blogjune is an opportunity to stop and…

A little courage

Courage. I think that is what the coming year will need. A little here, a little there, and a dash of belief in everything. Oh, and not forgetting to smile and relax every so often. Today was my first day back at work for the new year, so I’m guessing…

A little reminder

Guess what? Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither is a career…. (Colosseum, Rome, July 2009) Remember to take one step at a time… (Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg, July 2009) Celebrate your little wins… (Bavaria mountains, July 2009) And chill out every now and then. (Bamboo Island, Phuket, April, 2012) Okay?

Gathering up the pieces

About a month ago… goodness, it was THAT long ago?! Let’s try this again. About a month ago, I went on a holiday. *gulp* Yep, a real holiday and my first overseas trip in over three years. As the Boeing 777 aircraft accelerated towards take off, I couldn’t help but…