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Looking back, looking forward: 2017 in review

2017, certainly in my part of the world has been a year of transformation and renewal. My biggest challenges have also been my biggest achievements. Previous years of beavering away has been recognised. And this year, I’ve taken leaps of faith, personally and professionally. Here’s my year in review. Started...
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Thoughts on ‘work-life balance’

This month’s GLAM Blog Club theme is ‘balance’. If you’re unfamiliar with GLAM Blog Club, I suggest you scurry over here then come back. Good? Grab yourself a cuppa. What immediately came to my mind is the often elusive and arguably irrelevant concept of ‘work-life balance’. This is no surprise...
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On sabbatical

I don’t officially leave the country until Sunday morning. But while I have the hubby doing some packing and a beer next to me…..wait, did I say that out loud?! I meant to say ‘tea’. 🙂 I’m getting in a few farewells. I’m terrified. I’m scared. Why oh why did...