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Storify capture: #dataqld event

This week the Queensland Government held its first Open Data event at The Edge, State Library of Queensland. The event featured guest speakers, including the Queensland Premier and the Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts, panelists and other presentations. It launched a new program called Queensland Globe and announced a new industry advisory body to be established.

I didn’t manage to attend this event and wanted to catch up on the action. I used Storify to capture the day as it unfolded on Twitter. I post it here in case there are others wishing to do the same.

From what I can see, data opens many doors to infinite possibilities. But what sticks in my mind is, whose role is it to make sense of it all? Who has the skills? Data is just that, data. Context and meaning is required to turn it into useful information. Where to from here? What’s the next step?

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