Relaxed productivity

Is there such a thing as a relaxed state of productivity? I believe so. And it’s something I’ve noticed more often than not since buying my iPad just a few weeks ago.

For me, the purchase of an iPad was difficult to justify for a very long time. I have an iPhone that is almost literally another limb attached to me, and my Mac serves me well when I’m at home in my study. Then there are times when I’m super busy and need to be at the hairdresser for three hours (lost productivity time), or just wouldn’t mind a bigger screen to read articles from my Google Reader as I sit on the couch. These are the times when I have screamed in my mind “Damn it! I need an iPad!”

I have discovered something, or really it’s just become more prominent since owning an iPad. I’m calling it ‘relaxed productivity’.

I’m being productive right now. I’m sitting at the table eating my oats and sipping my chai tea. I’m in a relaxed state, pushing thoughts about assessment deadlines (tomorrow) to the back of my mind for now. But never mind that, I’m illustrating my point.
I take the iPad.
I put my feet up.
And I start to write because I’m either inspired or it’s simply convenient.

Relaxed productivity. It’s working or being productive when you don’t feel like you’re working. It’s getting things done because it’s easy and not forced.

By removing work or tasks out of a ‘setting’ or ‘official’ work space and into one that didn’t require it or is not expected, such as watching TV or preparing dinner, I’m seeing ideas developing a tendency to just appear.

Relaxed productivity. It’s productivity, but not as you know it.

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