Reflecting back, looking forward

Urges to write come at inconvenient times, don’t they? My most recent was last night in the middle of a concert, Cold Chisel actually. Bizarre. All of a sudden words starting pouring into my mind with no where for them to go at that moment. This is one of the challenges I’ve encountered this year, aiming to develop a regular writing habit. Frustrating. By the time I have a chance to sit down to write, the moment I was experiencing had past. I wonder how I can tackle this challenge…..perhaps something to ponder in another post, but not this one.

(So you can imagine now that I’m desperately trying to brainstorm some of the things I was thinking about.)

One of the things I thought about was my bit of a break of late, mostly since the completion of studies for the year. I’m working full-time, but also still on the mend. Goodness knows I’ve needed it. I’ve spent this time reflecting, re-evaluating priorities, making plans for next year and beyond, thinking about what to focus on, taking brazilian dance classes (so much fun!) and just ‘being’.

Within this time, gosh, so much has happened I’d really like to write about and share, as well as other blog post ideas sitting in my Evernote.

  • my physical and psychological challenge in Margaret River, Western Australia
  • saying ‘good-bye’ (for now) to my job in aviation
  • settling into my new job in archives and its challenges
  • one year anniversary volunteering for ALIA New Graduates Group
  • learning to say ‘no’ to look after my well-being

I’ve most enjoyed just ‘being’ (evident in my dance classes) and it’s what has struck me about a week ago that proved this little ‘switch off’ to be invaluable for my preparation for the year ahead.

I’m grateful.

I’m grateful for what I have, for who I have around me, the support and encouragement they provide, and the kind of opportunities and inspiration found in ‘little wins’ that drive me forward, personally and professionally.

I’m grateful for the life I have.

I believe this mindset is perfect to start the new year.

I’ve learnt a lot from this year by pushing my limits. Now I can move forward into next year with this knowledge and plan to be more effective in whatever I wish to achieve.

It’s time for me to breathe and re-boot.

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  1. You sound recharged and ready to take on 2012. I too sometimes have thoughts pop into my head and if I don’t write them down immediately, they are lost.

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