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Ready For Take Off…

Last updated on 5 January 2018

Navigation: activated professional development planning – CHECK
Stabilisers: personal learning network and mentors – CHECK
Communication: networking tools and platforms – CHECK
Fuel system: motivation and persistence – CHECK
Indication and Recording: (developing) reflective writing practices – CHECK

Ok, I’m taking to the runway….

I’m a Masters student, completing my studies in library and information science at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia. Currently, I work in the aviation industry as a Technical Library Co ordinator in Engineering and Maintenance for an airline.

Before I’d set up this blog, although undoubtedly inspired by others, I was still unsure if whether my thoughts, experiences and learning were enough to share. Since sending out a tweet, asking my network if at my stage was too early to start a blog, I’ve been very appreciative of the response and encouragement I received. I had considered starting a blog for a while now, but had always thought a blog must have a purpose. I hadn’t previously found that purpose… until now.

I can say right now that starting “Flight Path” has been the best decision I’ve made for this year ahead. Setting it up has established a commitment, a contract of sorts, to myself and to the wider community in library and information science. “Flight Path” has a purpose – to document and contribute insights and learning experiences as they occur, as I take to the skies that is my career path; my “flight path”. As some may already know, there is no doubt of my commitment to the library and information science profession and information environment and wish to be an active participant. “Flight Path” makes available to my peers, and mentors alike, experiences, thoughts and reflections as I pilot my career flight route.

So, as I start accelerating on the runway, I dare say that I’m “ready for take off”.

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  1. Kelly Hall Kelly Hall 16 January 2011

    Looking forward to reading your blog Alisa 🙂

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