Project Review – Part 2

Last Friday I started to review a work project I have been working on the past month (before I was interrupted by work mates (and supervisor) demanding that I stopped work for the day).

The library collection I work with is entirely electronic, nearly all documents are in PDF format, and are currently located on a network drive. By moving the collection to the CMS, I can have increased control over the collection, creating a complete description of each document, generate and deliver improved (flexible) information services via the intranet. The main goal is to increase the findability of technical data and documents, and the functionality of the library intranet site, by enabling the search and retrieval of accurate and reliable results more efficiently. Another goal of the project is to increase the technical library’s visibility to stakeholders with regular communication through a newsfeed on the intranet site. The ‘newsfeed’ will be a department experiment, a pilot, to see if it will be a worthwhile communication channel in the future.

Project Tasks completed to date include: –

  • Project schedule
  • Initial meeting with IT – project outline and support generation
  • Content analysis
  • Research Dublin Core – I wanted to ensure the metadata I chose will provide a complete description of each resource
  • Confirm metadata fields to be used in the CMS
  • Mapped future functionality phases for the library’s intranet site 

Tasks due last week: –

  • Project outline/ management document
  • Set up new intranet page with newsfeed template
  • Create folder architecture in CMS

Unfortunately, I was not able to complete all three tasks due as other items demanded my attention last week, both at work and uni. The plan for this week is to tackle the overdue tasks in order of which are most critical to the project moving forward. It has been fortunate for this project that my studies have focused on CMS. My enhanced understanding has been timely and beneficial to the early stages of the project.

Last assessment for the uni semester is due this week, and will most likely take my attention away. But nonetheless, I will get stuck back into it next week.

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