Project Review – Part 1

A month ago I started to ‘get the ball rolling’ with my library project at work. The project is designed to move the technical library forward in terms of functionality, improved management and control, and increasing visibility and communication with intranet users.

To provide some background, the library collection is almost entirely electronic, available for access from the company’s intranet. Currently, the contents of the collection are located on a network drive from which a script pulls the contents to display on the intranet.

My challenge (should I choose to accept it) is to move the library’s collection from the network drive into the content management system (CMS). By entering each document and manual into the CMS, “catalogue”…..

ok, I’ve now been interrupted by Miss Gravy&Chips, Maverick, Goose, de TRAX man and Miss Teapot. They’ve demanded that I stop doing anymore work this afternoon and go out for drinks……who am I to argue?

Part 2 of my project review will be posted on Monday……Happy Friday!

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