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Life (recovery) after study

Guilt free.

That’s how I’ll describe the last few weeks following my final submission for my Masters degree. Or at least I remind myself that it’s okay when I’ve slept in on a Saturday morning.

To be honest, I feel sorry for my Mac. I’m sure it’s felt more than a little neglected over the last few weeks. My Mac has been here for me, my study room has been my second bedroom for the better part of the last four years. Weekend after weekend, night after night….tap, tap, tapping away, chipping away at this Masters qualification for which I’ve been all too determined to complete and to complete it well. I must say it feels great, so natural to be tapping away at the keyboard again. I felt the itch to write…something.

The last few weeks has seen me in recovery mode. I haven’t felt like doing much at all, except to just ‘be’. And it turns out that to do this isn’t so bad. I’ve had the opportunity to do ‘every day’ things with my beloved, like accompanying him to have his car cleaned. Might seem boring to some, but I loved being able to do this yesterday without having to be secretly writing a to do list or my next paragraph in the back of my mind. Cocktails? I’ve re-discovered them. The night after my final submission I had margaritas while out with work folk and it was commented that is was great to see me relaxed (finally!) And did I mention my ‘to do’ list has since included catching up with my favourite TV show? *tick* Completed.

I’m not sure how long this recovery phase will last, but I’m happy to ride it into holiday mode over the Christmas and New Year break.

I have plans for next year. I have goals. I have priorities and things to look forward. 2014 will be a cracker.

I’m looking forward to sorting my health out.

I’m looking forward to allowing my professional reading to lead me wherever it takes me. And blog about it.

I’m looking forward to submitting a few pieces for (potential) publication.

I’m looking forward to engaging more with professional conversation. I fear I’ve become too much of a hermit in this space this year.

Wow. Just wow. The graduation ceremony is this week.

I wish to thank all those who have supported me, you know who you are. Thank you to my personal learning network. But a special mention to my beloved. This is as much our achievement as it is mine. We survived.

Completing my studies isn’t just the end of a phase of my professional career. It is also the beginning of something new. I’m ready to take my next step. I’m ready to grow into the information professional I am to be.

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  1. Awesome – congratulations! Study does take a lot of time & dedication – particularly a Masters! I’m relating to your feelings after finishing my BA in June this year 🙂

    Enjoy your downtime; you will find yourself refreshed and ready to plan for the next big thing soon enough!

    Looking forward to hearing about your next steps…

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