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Introducing the EBLIP chat video series

So #blogjune is on again! And to celebrate this annual event and my return to professional self and life, I’m doing a video series to chat about all things evidence-based library and information practice. In three minutes or less, each video will reflect upon and chat about various aspects of EBLIP. I will publish the transcript and a link to each video here on the blog.

I look forward to chatting with you!

(Or view Day 1 (Introduction) video on Youtube here.

Transcript: Hi, I’m Alisa Howlett and currently the Coordinator of Evidence-Based Practice at the University of Southern Queensland library. Yesterday I was reminded that its #blogjune, an annual event where library and information science professionals write or produce a blog post every day for the month of June. Coincidentally this year also marks 10 years of my evidence-based practice professional journey and so I thought I’d start a video series in which I will attempt to unpack the various aspects of evidence-based practice in videos of three minutes or less every day this month.

The aim of this series is to shed some light on perhaps some of the mysterious things about evidence-based practice. I’ll cover what it is, where it came from, tips and tricks, challenges and opportunities associated with implementing this not only at an individual level but also at a teams and organisational level as well.

So what I hope to achieve from this video series is to prompt a bit of reflection for myself and compile everything that I have learned over the last 10 years or so. Then impart this knowledge to the broader Library and Information science professional community in an informal and an approachable way, and hopefully ignite some further conversation and chat in this area.

If at any time throughout the series you have a question about EBLIP or if there’s a particular area that you’d like me to comment on, please do get in touch either in the comments section here or on my blog at acrystelle.com. Or you can message or tweet me on Twitter @acrystelle.

At the end of the series, I’ll make the videos, slides, other resources available on my website as well.

Otherwise I thought the in next couple of videos I’ll delve in a little bit further into my professional journey with evidence-based practice and then start to get into some definitions.

So until then, take care, keep well and we’ll chat soon.


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