A vision board - a source of inspiration
A vision board – a source of inspiration

Inspiration and reminders. These are our own making. They are a choice.

I have a vision board in my study room. It sits on the wall, above and to the right of my desk. I’ve written about my vision board previously, but perhaps #blogjune is an opportunity to stop and think what I have chosen to take up space on my vision board and reflect on the contribution each item makes.

Here are five things currently on my vision board.

1. Writing strategies – these are reminders of what I am to focus on to pursue my writing this year. I like them in front of me. What is pinned over the top is my planner for #blogjune.

2. Quote – “Crazy just might work”. This is a piece of inspiration. It also reminds me to not disregard ideas that may seem crazy at first. It just might work. 😉

3. Wordle. This came out of a bit of a content analysis I undertook of position descriptions I had saved over the last couple of years. I created this Wordle at the beginning of this year to highlight the kinds of areas or things that had appealed to me. It’s a snapshot of my interests and reminds me of what I could look for in my next step. I wonder what a Wordle of position descriptions I aspire to, might look like in a couple of years time?

4. Photos of places in Ireland. Specifically, Giant’s Causeway, the Cliffs of Moher and Newgrange. These are reminders of my experience and what I had achieved with that trip I took on my own. It reminds me I am capable of things if I really want them, that I can make things happen, and that I can pull myself out of a crappy time and be true to myself.

5. Flyer about a Balinese Writing Retreat. This is my reward when I graduate from my Masters this year. It’s a goal. I will book myself in for the trip next year if I graduate.

I’d like more pieces of inspiration to fill my vision board. And there are things that really shouldn’t be there. I like to be strict with my vision board. For example, I don’t like ‘to do’ lists on my vision board. I have one there at the moment, but it’s to remind me I really need to print a few Canada photos to place up on the board because it is where I’d like to potentially live and work (for a little while) sometime in the future.

What would you do with a blank canvas dedicated to inspiration?

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