Happy Anniversary! (to me)

Last night I realised it’s been a year since I started in the aviation industry. Wow!

I remember my very first day (and week) in the aircraft hangar, being shown to my workspace and my “library”. It was a whole new world.

I’d been recruited for a maternity leave cover as a Technical Librarian. I had no experience in aviation, however my current studies in LIS and a strong background in administration provided the necessary skills to successfully fill the position.  The incumbent had already left and a pile of work was waiting for me. I had… idea what to do with it all. Good thing I learn quickly on the go!

Unfortunately, after four months being in the role, the incumbent had decided to return to the position. By this stage I had developed rapport across the engineering department, including external maintenance providers, logistics and engineers. I had learnt an incredible amount about the aviation industry and my role in managing and maintaining a collection of technical data and documentation. Shortly after my contract ended, I was offered a similar role at another airline.

Nowadays I’m still in an engineering technical library and loving it. Some may view my role as unusual. I may have swapped Dewey Decimals for ATA Chapters, but a career for an information professional in aviation is not so strange, I assure you. I take “reference enquiries” daily through email, face-to-face and via phone. I “catalogue” new documents for incorporation into the collection. I liaise with engineers regarding “collection development”, and I have a focus on always improving “collection management” and the information service provided.

I’ve become addicted to aviation. It’s exciting and always changing. I’m interested in how an aircraft  flies and I work to contribute in ensuring the airline’s fleet continue to do so. I hope to stay in the aviation industry for sometime yet. Long enough to make my mark, until my work is done.

Happy Anniversary to me!

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