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EBLIP chat: Day 30 – Reflection

#blogjune Day 30: I made it! 25 videos in 30 days. This challenge was perfect for getting out a heap of (hopefully) helpful content in a limited amount of time. So limited, that I’ve hardly stopped to think too much about how scary and uncomfortable this whole exercise was for me. I feel that doing this video series was a bit of a risk for me. I had limited experience with making videos, and I had only returned to work from parental leave since April. What a way to throw myself back into things! But I’m glad I did it.

In this final video, I reflect upon where to from here for EBLIP, as well as the #blogjune challenge itself, personally and professionally. I’d like to thank everyone who has supported the EBLIP chat series and hope it has made EBLIP that little bit more accessible to library and information professionals.


G’day and welcome to the very last video of this series about evidence-based library and informational practice. I made it! 25 videos in 30 days. So in this one I would like to do a little bit of a reflection on the series itself but also where to from here for EBLIP.

Where to from here for EBLIP?

We need to know more about the dynamics and the drivers (and influences) around being evidence-based as an organisation. What I mean here is the library’s relationships and the dynamics that happen between it and its parent organisation and also other community organisations which it might partner to deliver services as well.

We need to need to know more about perhaps the purposes of evidence or the ‘frames of reference’ in which evidence based practice happens at the operational, the strategic and also those standalone or project or out of curiosity instances when evidence-based practice might happen.

A personal and professional challenge

Personally and professionally? Professionally this was an interesting and surprising exercise in how my knowledge and experience has unfolded in this area. Coming up with the topics was no problem. First of June, they all just sort of fell out and I was a little bit surprised – I probably shouldn’t have been, that (when doing the prep for each video) within 10-15 minutes I had three to four points. So it’s been a good exercise in that way, in realising personally how much I know and how much I have left to give as well.

Personally I’m learning to front up a camera no matter how difficult perhaps the morning has been emotionally, psychologically or you know, being a mother and dealing with a little one (I often recorded videos during nap time). Put a bit of lipstick on and put on a face away I go.

Please keep sharing the EBLIP process!

I would like to encourage continued sharing of the EBLIP process no matter how insignificant or simple it may have been. We need to know, you know, what evidence-based practice looks like in these various scenarios, in different contexts in order to become more evidence base as a profession.

If you do have any other questions about evidence-based practice please do let me know either on Twitter or on my blog, by email. Please do get in touch and I will try to answer those on my blog.


I would like to acknowledge the Turrbal people who are the traditional custodians of the land on which these videos were produced, published and shared and I pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging.

And finally I would like to thank everyone who have supported this video series, have retweeted, have liked on Twitter and also have left any comments. I do appreciate the support and I do hope that this video series helps in some way or form towards a better understanding of evidence-based practice.

Until next time take care. Cheers

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