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EBLIP chat: Day 2 – my professional experience

#blogjune Day 2 where I delve a little into my own professional experience with evidence-based library and information practice (EBLIP) over the last 10 years or so.

Transcript: G’day, I’m Alisa Howlett, the Coordinator of Evidence-Based Practice at the University of Southern Queensland library. In this video series I attempt to unpack the various aspects of evidence based library and information practice in videos or three minutes or less.

In today’s video I’d like to delve in a little bit further about my own professional journey with evidence-based practice over the last 10 years or so. A little bit more about me – I’m a librarian, researcher, aspiring yogi, wife and mum to an active one-year-old and miniature schnauzer.

I first came across evidence-based practice in my second semester of the master’s program where a lecture was given by the wonderful Professor Helen Partridge and from that evening I was hooked. First of all, the concept made complete sense to me, it aligned with my professional values in how I like to conduct myself as a professional but also married my love of research with professional practice as well.

In my final year of the Masters I conducted research into evidence use by special librarians here in Australia and that was subsequently published in 2015. I then joined a research team who sought to expand at least the empirical evidence base for how evidence-based practice is experienced specifically in public and academic libraries.

Then in 2017 I landed my current role where I am challenged to put theory into practice and over the last few years or so I have developed further insight into the nuances around implementing evidence-based practice, not only an individual practitioner level but also in teams and an organisational level, adding to that realness.

Most recently I have teamed up with Clare Thorpe where we’ve tried to develop a clearer picture of what evidence-based practice looks like at an organisational level and have developed a maturity model for that as well.

Once again if you have any questions or you want to delve into any aspect of evidence-based practice further please do let me know in the comments here or on my blog or you could message or tweet me on Twitter @acrystelle. Otherwise tomorrow I thought I’d delve into and start unpacking some definitions of EBLIP.

So until then take care.


You can also view the Day 2 video here.

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