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EBLIP chat: Day 19 – A need for an organisational EBP model

#blogjune Day 19: I introduce my ‘organisational lens’ for evidence-based library and information practice by explaining its need and my thinking behind the model.


G’day and welcome to this video series chatting about all things evidence-based library and informational practice. I’m Alisa Howlett, the Coordinator of Evidence-Based Practice at the University of Southern Queensland library.

Up to this point I’ve chatted about evidence-based practice from an individual practitioner level or at a teams level. And so far empirical research has given us a good sense of how library and information science professionals can incorporate evidence-based practice into their work as well as the factors and influences that are associated with this.

These days libraries are called upon, increasingly to demonstrate alignment with their parent organisations’ strategic objectives as well as the value and impact they bring to their communities. As we are constantly responding to our context and our environment I thought that we needed a model to demonstrate how we might do this and what it might look like. So far we don’t know what an evidence-based library looks like as a whole.

Strategic alignment and the value and impact demonstration therefore can’t be left to just a handful of practitioners who are inclined to practice in an evidence-based way or have the capability to do so. It has to come from a whole of organisation approach to move towards this direction.

So how do we take the whole organisation along on this journey of becoming evidence based?

And as a whole of organisation and at a strategic level, what does being evidence-based mean and what might this look like?

Additionally in my role I needed to see the bigger picture. I needed to see where my role fits and also its purpose in taking the library along on this journey.

An organisational lens for EBLIP

My initial iterations of this diagram went from something like this – lots of different concepts flowing around here and trying to figure out where they all fit.

And then it went to something a bit like this.

Organisational Evidence Based Practice draft diagram

Then finally an organisational lens was published looking like this.

Organisational Evidence Based Practice Lens Diagram

Next I’ll explain each of the components in turn as well as how might this diagram or this conceptualisation be developed further.

If you have any questions please do let me know and I’ll try and incorporate them into this series.

Until next time take care. Cheers.


Howlett, A. (2018). Time to Move EBLIP Forward with an Organisational Lens. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 13(3), 74-80.


If you have any questions at all about EBLIP, do get in touch. I’ll try to address them in this video series (or a future blog post).

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