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CILIP presentation: Engaging new information professionals to sustain the profession

Last week I attended and presented at my first international conference, the CILIP Conference held in Manchester 5-6 July.

At the CILIP Conference, I wore my ‘NGAC hat’ (ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee), though I presented on a topic that interests me over all my ‘hats’ – as a research assistant, as Coordinator of Evidence Based Practice at my workplace, and as NGAC chair.

The aim of the presentation was to highlight the importance of, and issues relating to engaging new and early career information professionals in conversation and contribution, in order to continue to advance the profession and our body of knowledge. I also wanted to stress the need for collaboration with regards to engaging new information professionals, across all sectors and facets – experienced professionals, researchers and educators, professional associations, in order to facilitate a mixed and integrated professional conversation and foster an environment that encourages, welcomes and rewards contributions by new information professionals.

The slides

The tweets

…and a Storify of tweets that was very kindly put together by a member of NGAC.

As previously mentioned, I was quite nervous, mostly due to the fact the presentation was my first at a conference in a few years. But, all went very well and I’ve received positive feedback. In short, we rock LIS and engaging new information professionals down under. I was accompanied by my husband at the reception drinks, where we were happy to chat all things Aussie, whisky, new info pros and data science with new people. All in all, a rewarding and valuable experience. Any new information professional wondering whether to attend (or present!) at an international conference, do it!

And with that, I’m off to take in the landscapes and whisky of Scotland for the next couple of weeks. I may even spot Nessy!

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  1. Thanks so much for writing this up and providing your slides. A really excellent presentation, and valuable to share the ALIA experience with engaging with new professionals – it provides a template for others to follow.

    Enjoy the rest of your sabbatical.

  2. Congratulations Alisa. Perhaps you could present a version to an Aussie audience when you return to our shores.

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