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#blogjune Day one – slowing down is the new ‘busy’

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A bit of a delay posting yesterday’s thoughts. I wrote this while waiting for my flight to take off from Perth, on my iPad which I tend to only use for travel these days. Our flight arrived back in Brisbane after midnight, and after driving for most of the day, left only this time on the tarmac to jot down some thoughts as we embark once again on #blogjune.

#blogjune is about connection; connecting, re-connecting and growing relationships. I’ve participated in #blogjune to be a part of a community, to get to know the professionals I have, or may have the pleasure to work with some time throughout my career. I enjoy how we take the lid off ourselves and reveal what gets us going in the morning, what brings a smile, what makes us tick and the issues and opportunities we are currently dealing with.
Since starting my library and information professional career, like many who start out, passion can easily take over. We are a bunch of passionate people, striving to serve our communities the best way we can. Our profession is somewhat unique in the sense that there are so many pathways you can take, each one manifesting our passion in slightly different ways. There is no ladder. Only ideas to bring to life and opportunities to exercise our passion. There is much to learn and identifying interests, a path or sector we wish to specialise can be overwhelming.
I’m #blogjune with a theme this year. I will reflect upon and share my thoughts on steps I have taken towards improved well being. Because I did burn out a few years ago, and then with Mum’s passing, had me re-consider who I am and what I really want from my life day to day. There’s more to life than a career. Our career in the library and information profession is only one part of a whole (as individuals). And so the reason I like #blogjune so much.
Gaining the most out of every day is not about cramming in as much as I can. It about filling my days with what is important to me at that particular time, as well as the right things for me. Gone are the days when being busy was a badge of honour. There are still plenty of people who live in this mentality, for reasons I don’t know. I remember a time when being busy meant being one of the cool kids. But being overly busy and feeling overwhelmed is unhealthy for body, mind and soul. Being busy is a state of not knowing what we want, or we don’t know how to prioritise. I’ll go on to say that slowing down is the new busy, the new cool kids.
Before I go any further with this discussion, let’s define ‘busy’. Some busyness is good. Being busy can mean we are occupied and engaged with what we do. Being busy means getting things done. Some busyness is bad. This is the kind of busyness that keeps you from what is important; being busy for the sake of being busy and ultimately having little to no self awareness of what you need to keep energy levels and engagement up each day.
I’m for the good kind of busy. This busyness is strategic, not overwhelming and can be left for an evening.
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  1. Hello Alisa, yours is the first #blogjune post I have read and I probably could not have picked a nicer, more insightful one to start with. I am aiming (realistically : )) for one blog a week rather than one a day and take my hat off to you for having already completed Day 1. Thank the Universe for waiting time on tarmacs !! I like what you said … “#blogjune is about connection; connecting, re-connecting and growing relationships”. Here’s to #blogjune2016.

    1. Hi Cherie, lovely to ‘meet’ you. Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope to tease out these thoughts over #blogjune. 🙂

  2. Being busy is a state of not knowing what we want, or we don’t know how to prioritise..
    Well said..

    1. Burnout comes with not knowing one’s limitations and capacity for taking things on. I didn’t know how much I could realistically take on my plate until too late. I wiped it clean and started again. I’m still figuring out my level of capacity (everyone’s different), but self awareness and a little forgiveness goes a long way.

  3. This resonates with me particularly this line ” It about filling my days with what is important to me at that particular time, as well as the right things for me.” So simple to write but quite tricky to keep to in practice. I’m really looking forward to the rest of this month’s posts.

    1. Thanks for reading!
      Yes, simple. But not easy. I’m still trying to figure it out. I think the practice comes with being in tune with needs, wants and limitations. There is always a choice in how we spend our time and energy. I’m looking forward to teasing out my thoughts over #blogjune.

  4. Loved your first blogjune post Alisa. Great theme. Keep ’em coming!

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