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#blogjune Day eight – a pre-wedding getaway


In between arriving home from work and going into a NGAC teleconference, I’ve just enough time to share photos from a recent getaway to Perth and Margaret River. I’m having dinner at the same time as I have a barre class at 8pm.

Fiance and I usually plan two to three trips a year. Travel is something we both enjoy and value as being a part of our lives, and enjoy doing together (seriously!). Even with wedding planning and expenses, this year was no exception. We couldn’t possibly wait until our honeymoon in August to have a break. The last couple of months have really ramped up in pace, kinda nuts right now, so I’ll say our getaway and time together was needed and well deserved!

We visited some friends in Perth. Then breakfast and a walk around Fremantle, where we picked up classics from second hand book stores and snuck in a pint at Little Creatures Brewery.

On the way down to Margaret River, we stopped in to visit more friends for a cuppa.

Margaret River greeted us with warm fires and fabulous wine and beer.


wine beer
Wine and beer tastings by a fireplace at The Brewhouse, Margaret River.

Beer and book by a local author, Colonial Brewery, Margaret River


I *heart* lighthouses

A trip down to Margaret River isn’t complete without seeing the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse at Augusta, the most south-western point of Australia. This is where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet.


Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Augusta, Western Australia.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, Augusta.

And then, there’s looking at (and staying safe in) the surf. My thoughts go out to the family of the gentleman who was attacked two hours north, later that day. Absolutely devastating. I can’t imagine what they’re going through.


Gracetown, Margaret River


Surfers Point, Margaret River


Content relating to our getaway was originally posted to my other blog called ‘Notebook + Tea, 7 June 2016.

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  1. It’s always lovely to enjoy a bit of vicarious traveling via someone else’s blog !! Thank you, that was a nice break : )

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