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#blogjune Day 19 – stretch out


I’ve just arrived home from a stretching class at one of the places I do barre. It was amazing. No cardio. Nothing full-on. Just one hour of stretching and meditation at the end.

Fiance and I were running around Brisbane today, buying materials for DIY projects and bits and pieces for our upcoming wedding. Part of me was cursing ‘past-Alisa’ for booking a class on a Sunday afternoon. Even more so on a shockingly rainy, Sunday afternoon. But now I’m¬†thanking her.

The importance of stretching became clear this afternoon when I spent a whole hour devoted to it.¬†Every exercise regime needs stretching. This absolute vital part of fitness is frequently overlooked and skipped over. I stretch every couple of days, mostly because I’m always tight in my problem areas and I’m not a naturally flexible person. But a whole hour made me stop and take my time.

So this tiny #blogjune post is a reminder to all those who exercise regularly, who have recently started a regime, or who is considering a new exercise regime. Don’t forget to stretch.

Stretch at the start of your session. Stretch throughout your session. Stretch at the end of the session.

You can stretch in front of the TV. You can stretch in between workouts, in writing/ work breaks.

Stretching can also be helpful with practising mindfulness. There is nothing else you have to do in the moment but concentrate on the stretch.

Stretching assists with lengthening muscles and releases movement, making even walking a bit easier. Stretching makes exercise feel freer. I feel taller after a decent stretch.

Stretching is really important for muscle conditioning.

Don’t forget to stretch.

Don’t dismiss stretching as a ‘soft’ part of a workout. It’s not.

p.s. I’m loving these frogs. I’ve found them on Pixabay.

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