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#blogjune Day 17 – wedding on the brain


Thank goodness for #blogjune. I can talk wedding here. If I post on my other blog, close family and friends will likely see. They generally don’t read what I write here. Fellow #blogjune -ers and PLN, you’re getting an exclusive.

Six weeks out. Still relatively calm. But there is A LOT to do. So the crazies are threatening to surface. They’re bubbling away, I know it. I never wanted to be one of those crazy, things going wrong or missing, stressed out brides. And I won’t begin to behave like one now.

I’ve just sent an email to two of our suppliers – the florist and the photographer. The florist is asking for a number of finer details to be confirmed. But to do that, I need to confirm details with the photographer, like her arrival time. The florist is personally setting up our flowers at the venue and delivering the bouquets, including teaching us how to hold them (it’s been 10 years since I was last a bridesmaid). So there’s a bit of juggling around to make all things line up and be ready for the day.

Last weekend I went through all the main categories of things to be organised – attire, flowers and decor, transport, food and drink, ceremony, etc and did a brain dump of all the tasks still outstanding. I’ve also started to create a ‘week of’ list of things to do, including appointments like picking up my dress, beauty works and my engagement ring cleaned at the jeweller. Oh, and I’d better pick up our wedding bands while I’m there too, hey?

Our cake is still up in the air. We won’t know if our ‘Plan A’ will be all systems go until next week. My fiance’s cousin has kindly offered to make us one, but might be moving interstate for a job…..we have a Plan B.

Other major, well, major for this stage of the planning, tasks include:

  • appointing a MC and creating a run sheet
  • confirming our ceremony details with our celebrant (and Pastor)
  • finish designing and printing remaining stationery – place cards, menus, order of service
  • the seating plan (and creating the seating plan board)
  • notify those doing speeches they have a maximum of three minutes each
  • ordering and putting together the guest favours and bridal party gifts
  • confirming details with suppliers – florist, photographer, venue and catering, stylist, shuttle bus for guests, music
  • organising beauty appointments
  • contacting our ‘morning after brunch’ venue to make a booking
  • booking remaining accommodation for the honeymoon
  • creating an emergency kit for bridal party and I’d like some things for the ladies’ bathroom
  • arranging transport for my ‘out of towners’
  • finishing remaining DIY projects – kids packs (with glow sticks – awesome!….actually, I just needed an excuse for glow sticks….), table names and memorial photo sign.

Wow, even a ‘no fuss’ wedding still has a lot to organise. Or maybe I just see the things that need organising. A tiny-weeny, small part of me fantasises a (even smaller) Samoan wedding, with a wedding planner who puts together the whole thing. But what would be the fun in that, apart from getting married in Samoa? And yes, a wedding in Samoa was on the cards when we were first starting to plan. We fell in love with Samoa last year. But we also fell in love with our venue and the idea of throwing a party for our nearest and dearest, who provide us with constant encouragement, love and support.

My fiance would tell you I am guilty of going over and above what is needed to make guests feel comfortable from time to time. (I actually have a wi-fi sign with log in details in our guest room.) True to form and taking after my Mum in this respect, this event is no different than having people over at home.


…I could keep adding the list of tasks above, but I’ll stop. Everything is under control.

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  1. This is the second time around for Sean and I and we’re also doing the “no fuss” option. I can totally relate to what you’re going through right now. We’re 9 weeks away from our big day and I don’t have any cake plans yet. We haven’t even made honeymoon bookings! The Mass is almost sorted and music for the Mass was the first thing decided but that’s really about it.

    If you ever want to have a wedding rant, I’m all ears!

    I’m sure you’ll pull it together in time.

    1. Thanks Fi! The planning and the big day is really exciting though! It’s going to be so much fun!

    1. Thanks Kate! We did a big run around today, gathering materials for DIY projects, like kids packs and things like good pens for the guest book and frames for our various signage – Instagram hashtag, photo booth instructions and memorial to those who can’t be with us. Feeling a bit better now I can chip away at home.

  2. Sounds like you’re doing well! We found, even with eloping, there was a lot to do. And, you’re very thoughtful about everyone involved (if everyone’s comfortable, transport etc.), so even though it’s a lot at the moment, it will make you feel even better on the day. Congratulations!

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