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#blogjune Day 11 – add wedding planning to the list


I might be counting my chickens being seven weeks away from the big day, but I’d say I’ve surprised myself with the wedding planning. I can add ‘wedding planner’ to my list of skills, I think.

When we first started planning our wedding back in November last year, I had little idea of how our wedding day would look. I’d never really been one of the girls who plans out their whole wedding on Pinterest or in a scrapbook before the proposal actually happens. So right at the start I thought, I don’t think I can do this. I’m on the back foot here. I have no idea what I want.

Aside from needing to bed down a few ideas, I approached the wedding planning similar to a project and how I’d normally plan an event. I did some research around timing of things and then drew up a basic Gantt chart. This Gantt chart has been the central point for planning, making additions and amendments as we’ve progressed.

What’s worked so far:

  • I’m a details person. I see the little details other people (like my fiance) can’t. Little details make an event.
  • Having a rough budget and Gantt chart from the get-go.
  • Booking in the venue, photographer and celebrant within the first couple of months.
  • Using Google Forms for RSVPs; a locked down WordPress site for communicating wedding information to guests
  • Having ideas in Pinterest handy when meeting with the florist, hair and make-up suppliers
  • Having the wedding in winter. Suppliers are available!

What I’d do differently:

  • Not be so much of a details person. Sometimes it drives me nuts when others don’t see things.
  • Pick the bridesmaids dresses myself – for a while I wasn’t sure if my bridesmaids were going to choose in time.
  • Start to research music suppliers earlier. Music makes or breaks a reception, in my opinion. There are some expensive and not so great suppliers out there.
  • Start the ‘Save the Date’s and invitations earlier – we had a paper supply situation, which led to a printing situation. I needed more buffer time.

At this point, I’m feeling quite calm. We had all the main things booked in a few months ago and now we’re fine tuning, updating, starting to finalise RSVPs, doing our DIY decor projects and taking our dance lessons. My dress is coming along beautifully, being made by the very talented and award-winning Anne Bertossi from Paddington Weddings.

Overall, I find myself capable of planning a wedding. There are lots of things to consider. Lots of decisions to make. But a little planning up front goes a long way in pulling the event together.

I’ve found the whole process more fun than I thought it would be. I love organising and being organised comes naturally to me. Here’s hoping these last seven weeks go as smoothly at they can. 🙂

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  1. I knew you’d plan a killer wedding. I can’t think of anyone more capable of pulling off a perfect day. All the best for the last leg. Can’t wait to see photos!

    1. Thanks, Kate. I’ve found the planning process a bit like a conference but with flowers and decor (which scared me the most). We attended a friends’ wedding over the weekend and got all excited for ours. Closest family and friends getting together is most important. Not long now. I hope to have everything sorted – people know where to be and when, DIY projects completed and packed well in advance, take all the thinking out of the day so it just rolls out.

  2. Best wishes for a wonderful celebration! sounds like you’ve got it all sorted.

  3. Google Forms for RSVPs !! I love I. Your whole plan sounds spot-on and I’m really hoping you will #blogjuly your big day. May every detail go just perfectly.

    1. I found standard wedding websites more effort than they’re worth. Plus, there are dietary requirements and extras to the day a lot of couples seem to be doing nowadays, like a shuttle bus, child care and morning after get togethers. I was able to compile it all, with logic, into Google Form and embed it onto a password protected page on a free WordPress site I put together. Data goes into a spreadsheet. Win!

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