And off we go again with #blogjune

Today is the first of June. It’s also officially the first day of winter and the first time in months I’ve managed to beat my partner to ‘pinch and a punch’ this morning.

Yes I’ve signed up for another round of blogging everyday in June with a bunch of library and information professionals across Australia and beyond.

Thoughts and blog post ideas strike at anytime. While I do my darnest to record these and save for later, so perhaps this is the time to dust them off and be brave enough to put some those out there.

This weekend will see me attempting to complete my assessment for Semester 1 of university studies, so my posts over the next few days may not be exactly thought provoking, unless of course I need to nut out one conundrum or another as I write my assignments.

Yes blogging is a great way to think things through, record how one understood or thought about this or that, in a point in time. It’s also a space for reflection. I echo much of what a new blog, Fortnight Question (with @flexnib and @libsmatter), has spoken of recently. I’m looking forward to reading their posts.

So here goes, another #blogjune. I will try to post everyday, can’t guarantee it, but certainly this event brings together library and information professionals closer every year, geographic boundaries are no limits. #blogjune is a good motivator to capture thoughts as they ‘pop’ and kickstart a habit of not leaving ideas for later.


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