A Year of Flight Path

Looking back at my first year of blogging, I’ll say that I don’t think I did too badly. Flight Path has become a very useful tool for me to reflect, make sense of concepts and articulate my view on a few things and my thought processes.

According to the site stats, my most popular posts (viewed) were: –

1. Audit your Personal Learning Environment – This post was picked up and placed on a scoop.it page, for which I’m grateful for the compliment. It was difficult to believe the diagram I had created was of some help to others.

2. Travel Highlight: Book of Kells – This one surprised me. I was scraping the bottom of the barrel during #blogjune. The Book of Kells continue to amaze me.

3. Information Architecture and Digital Libraries (Part 1) – This was my first attempt at putting forward a framework of information architecture. It detailed some of my thinking around the concept and related principles.

4. The Personal Brand and the PLN – I enjoyed writing this post and was happy people liked it too. I have since decided I dislike the term ‘personal brand’. It sounds self-centred and commercial. I prefer the term ‘professional identity’. This term, I think, more accurately describes our place in the profession, an individual node making up part of a whole network.

5. 10 Must Reads for PLNs – Again, this one surprised me, both because it was simple post idea (not so simple to compile) and it was useful to others.

6. Personal Learning Networks and Environments – Same thing? – With this post I was able to make it clear to myself (and others) the difference between a personal learning network and personal learning environments. This distinction immensely helped with writing my NLS5 paper.

7. A Fear of Writing – I’m so glad I wrote this post.

8. NLS5 – Preparing the Mindset – Again, this post assisted with getting into a frame of mind for presenting my NLS5 paper.

9. The Chocolate War Saga – This post was one of the most fun to write. I revealed some team dynamics (and shenanigans) I experienced as part of my team in aviation.

10. NLS5 Continued – Lessons and Realisations – This post summarised my takeaways from NLS5.

There were a few other posts I enjoyed writing. They may not have attracted many views, but nonetheless captured some intense thoughts and formed part of something like a writing personality.

1. Juggling – There was some clarity that came of writing this post. It taught me something about how to deal with anxiety.

2. Have I taken out the gold yet? – I think this post went a bit deep. It took me three sessions to write it.

3. Keeping Perspective – Reading this post now, I think I should have re-read throughout the year to remind myself to keep perspective.

There appears to be a recurring theme to my enjoyment in writing and publishing posts. It brings me a smile to see my posts being useful to others. I continue to hope I can place a purpose to each post I write, and I strive to make a contribution that is a worthwhile read.

I plan on taking my little web space further by re-vamping it over the next couple of months. I will explore the concept of ePortfolios (or bPortfolios) and organise my blog with categories and tags aligned with the ALIA PD scheme and my Masters course requirements. Any suggestions regarding the look, functionality or content of my blog would be greatly appreciated. What do you think I should change? How can I make this blog better?

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