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A Day in the Life of a Technical Librarian

I’m still finishing off my last assignment for the semester, so what little inspiration I have for today’s post (given that I’m so incredibly tired), I’ll draw from my work day as a Technical Librarian at an airline.

7.30am – arrive at work, check Twitter and log onto my computer.

7.40am – start processing Technical Library email inbox – new service documentation and manual revisions to be entered into system and assigned to engineers for assessment; manual/document requests; responses from vendors, and any other notification relating to technical publications or access to websites.

8.00am – log into my Google Reader and briefly check out what is there to read throughout the day. Check Twitter.

8.40am – Goose gets in, says ‘G’day’

8.45am – pop in to see the ‘Dad’ (I didn’t get to this morning, but usually we’ll have a 15-20 minute chat about work and other things)

9.00am – Check Twitter (and continue to check Twitter nearly every hour throughout the day). Goose and I head to the lunch room to grab a tea/coffee.

9.15am – say ‘good morning’ to rest of the team, a bit of banter, a few stories.

9.30am – 11.30am – continue processing email inbox and follow up on a few loose ends between working on a project task. I try to answer and resolve as many issues as possible (from internal or external to the company) by before or just after lunch.

11.45pm (ish?) – an engineer visits the library and shares his latest news of a training course, learning about new aircraft. I am surprisingly fascinated by how fuel systems on an aircraft work.

12.15pm – 1.00pm – (today) catch up chat with supervisor

1.00pm – lunch (finally!)

1.15pm – worked out a plan for tasks to be completed in the afternoon, follow up this and that; checked project status and planned next steps.

1.25pm (approx) – continued working on CMS project.

2.00pm – Goose and I head to the lunch room for afternoon tea/coffee

2.15pm – begin looking over my assignment draft (I usually don’t do uni work at work, but since it was a quiet day…..)

2.30pm – chocolate

3.00pm – headed out of the office, picked up my new glasses on the way home.

4.30pm – started working on my assignment again.

6.15pm – picked up partner from work.

And….now I continue to work on my assignment and hopefully have it reasonably finalised before a final edit at work tomorrow.

It’s been a quiet one at work today. The only major issue I had to follow up was some manuals which were discovered to be out of date. I had contacted the vendor earlier in the week. Only after I followed up my request for current revisions, sending an email to all my contacts for the vendor, did someone respond. I’m hoping the manuals will be sitting in the library inbox tomorrow morning. A maintenance provider need the manuals to carry out maintenance on parts the manuals relate to.

The collection of manuals held by the technical library are subject to regular audits, in order to maintain currency and accuracy. Notifications of new revisions to documents and manuals are usually received by the technical library from the vendors.

So not a particularly inspiring post and I apologise for the somewhat boring day I had. However I am grateful for the quiet day as lately it’s been my “rest” and a bit of social time before hitting the study at home to do assignment work.


Nearly there…..

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